The English Department Welcomes New Faculty

September 5, 2014

The English Department is delighted to announce the appointment of several new faculty members
this fall. Please shop their classes, say “hi” in the halls of LC, and generally help to welcome them to
our community!

Professor Jonathan Kramnick comes to us from previous teaching posts at Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins University. He is a specialist in the eighteenth century, with particular interests in literature and philosophy, philosophical approaches to literature, and cognitive science and the arts. He will be offering the following courses this fall:

ENGL 238 Politics, Philosophy, and Ecology in Eighteenth-Century England  TTh 11:35-12:50

Assistant Professor Jill Richards holds a Ph.D. from the University of California (Berkeley). Her interests are transatlantic modernism, the novel, avant-gardes, gender and sexuality, revolution, citizenship, women’s social movements, human rights law, cinema, and young adult fiction. She will be offering the following classes this fall:

ENGL 115 The Human and Human Rights MW 9:00-10:15
ENGL 301 The Modern British Novel MW 1-2:15

Assistant Professor Marta Figlerowicz, jointly appointed with the Department of Comparative Literature, holds a Ph. D. from the University of California (Berkeley) and a fellowship in the Harvard Society of Fellows. Her interests are twentieth-century American, British, French, Polish, and Yiddish literature; eighteenth-century British and French literature; postwar cinema; the history of the novel; contemporary poetry; philosophy; literary theory; critical theory; theories of emotion and affect. She will be offering the following classes this fall:

LITR 120 Introduction to Narrative MW 1:00-2:15
ENGL 129 Tragedy in the European Literary Tradition TTh 1:00-2:15

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