Rasheed Tazudeen

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Lecturer in English

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2015

My work is focused broadly on the intersections between ecology, race, and sound in 19th- and 20th-century literature and music. My first book project, Modernism’s Inhuman Worlds: Multispecies Metaphor and the Riddle of Being is forthcoming from Cornell University Press in 2023. I am currently at work on a second project tentatively titled The Musicked Earth: Towards a Decolonial Sound Ecology, focused on the resonances between Black/Afro-Caribbean and Indigenous theories of sound, music, festival, and ecology through the work of Sylvia Wynter, Édouard Glissant, Leanne Simpson, and Alice Coltrane.  

Selected Publications

“Ecological Soundings,” Parallax 26:2 (April-June 2020), co-edited with John Mowitt. 

“The Eco-Sonic Grotesque in Béla Bartók’s The Wooden Prince,” Parallax 26:2 (April-June 2020),179-194. 

Béla Bartók’s Dissonant Ecologies: Nonhuman Sound in Bluebeard’s Castle,” Modernism/modernity Print Plus 4:2 (Sept 2019). 

“Sounding the Nonhuman in Joyce’s ‘Sirens’ ” Humanities 2017, 6, 64 (special issue on “James Joyce, Animals, and the Nonhuman”). 

“ ‘Discordant Syllabling’: The Language of the Living World in Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts,” Studies in the Novel, 47.4 (Winter 2015): 491-513. 

“Immanent Metaphor, Branching Form(s), and the Unmaking of the Human in Alice and The Origin of Species,” Victorian Literature and Culture 45.3 (Fall 2015): 533-558.