Faculty A-Z Listing


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Felisa Baynes-Ross's picture Felisa Baynes-Ross Lecturer in English
Jim Berger's picture Jim Berger Senior Lecturer in English and American Studies
Harold Bloom's picture Harold Bloom Sterling Professor of the Humanities, Professor of English
Jessica Brantley's picture Jessica Brantley Professor of English, Department Chair
Steven Brill's picture Steven Brill Lecturer in English, Lecturer in Creative Writing, Lecturer in Journalism
Leslie Brisman's picture Leslie Brisman Karl Young Professor of English
Richard Brodhead's picture Richard Brodhead A. Bartlett Giamatti Professor Emeritus of English
David Bromwich's picture David Bromwich Sterling Professor of English
Alan Burdick's picture Alan Burdick Lecturer in English
Ardis Butterfield's picture Ardis Butterfield Marie Borroff Professor of English, Professor of French, Professor of Music
Jill Campbell's picture Jill Campbell Professor of English
Janice Carlisle's picture Janice Carlisle Professor Emeritus of English
Danielle Chapman's picture Danielle Chapman Lecturer in English
Susan Choi's picture Susan Choi Lecturer in English
Joseph Cleary's picture Joseph Cleary Professor of English
Peter Cole's picture Peter Cole Horace W. Goldsmith Senior Lecturer in Judaic Studies, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature
Alison Coleman's picture Alison Coleman Senior Communications Officer, Lecturer in English
Michael Cunningham's picture Michael Cunningham Senior Lecturer in English, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing
Margaret Deli's picture Margaret Deli Lecturer in English
Richard Deming's picture Richard Deming Senior Lecturer in English, Director of Creative Writing
Michael Denning's picture Michael Denning Professor of American Studies, Professor of English
Wai Chee Dimock's picture Wai Chee Dimock William Lampson Professor of American Studies, Professor of English
Anastasia Eccles's picture Anastasia Eccles Assistant Professor of English
Andrew Ehrgood's picture Andrew Ehrgood Lecturer in English, Course director, English 121
Craig Eklund Lecturer in English
Greg Ellermann's picture Greg Ellermann Lecturer in English
Randi Hutter Epstein's picture Randi Hutter Epstein Lecturer in English
Anne Fadiman's picture Anne Fadiman Francis Writer in Residence; Professor (Adjunct) of English
Marta Figlerowicz's picture Marta Figlerowicz Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Associate Professor of English
Roberta Frank's picture Roberta Frank Marie Borroff Professor Emeritus of English
Paul Fry's picture Paul Fry William Lampson Professor Emeritus of English
Amity Gaige's picture Amity Gaige Lecturer in English
Lindsay Gellman's picture Lindsay Gellman Lecturer in English
Ben Glaser's picture Ben Glaser Assistant Professor of English
Louise Glück's picture Louise Glück Professor (Adjunct) of English, Rosenkranz Writer-in-Residence
Jacqueline Goldsby's picture Jacqueline Goldsby Professor of English, Professor of African American Studies, Professor of American Studies
Sara Suleri Goodyear's picture Sara Suleri Goodyear Professor Emeritus of English
Joseph Gordon's picture Joseph Gordon Lecturer in English - Retired
David Gorin's picture David Gorin Lecturer in English
Derek Green's picture Derek Green Lecturer in English
Jake Halpern's picture Jake Halpern Lecturer in English
Langdon Hammer's picture Langdon Hammer Niel Gray, Jr. Professor of English
Susan Hartman's picture Susan Hartman Lecturer in English
Alanna Hickey's picture Alanna Hickey Assistant Professor of English
Margaret Homans's picture Margaret Homans Professor of English, Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Cajetan Iheka's picture Cajetan Iheka Associate Professor of English
Rona Johnston Gordon's picture Rona Johnston Gordon Lecturer in English
Rosemary Jones's picture Rosemary Jones Lecturer in English
David Kastan's picture David Kastan George M. Bodman Professor of English
Heather Klemann's picture Heather Klemann Director of Expository Writing, Lecturer in English
Verlyn Klinkenborg's picture Verlyn Klinkenborg Lecturer in English, Lecturer in Forestry and Environmental Studies
Jonathan Kramnick's picture Jonathan Kramnick Maynard Mack Professor of English
Timothy Kreiner's picture Timothy Kreiner Lecturer in English
Traugott Lawler's picture Traugott Lawler Professor Emeritus of English
Naomi Levine's picture Naomi Levine Assistant Professor of English
Pericles Lewis's picture Pericles Lewis Douglas Tracy Smith Professor of Comparative Literature and Professor of English, Vice President and Vice Provost for Global Strategy
Katja Lindskog's picture Katja Lindskog Lecturer in English and the Humanities
Lawrence Manley's picture Lawrence Manley William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of English
Donald Margulies's picture Donald Margulies Professor (Adjunct) of English and of Theater Studies
Stefanie Markovits's picture Stefanie Markovits Professor of English
Alastair Minnis's picture Alastair Minnis Douglas Tracy Smith Professor Emeritus of English - Retired
Priyasha Mukhopadhyay's picture Priyasha Mukhopadhyay Assistant Professor of English
Stephanie Newell's picture Stephanie Newell Professor of English
Pamela Newton's picture Pamela Newton Lecturer in English
Catherine Nicholson's picture Catherine Nicholson Associate Professor of English
Joseph North's picture Joseph North Assistant Professor of English
Meghan O'Rourke's picture Meghan O'Rourke Editor of the Yale Review and Senior Lecturer in English
Mark Oppenheimer's picture Mark Oppenheimer Lecturer in English
Annabel Patterson's picture Annabel Patterson Sterling Professor Emeritus of English
Lynda Paul's picture Lynda Paul Lecturer in English, Lecturer in Music, Lecturer in Theater Studies, Residential College Writing Tutor - Pauli Murray College
John Durham Peters's picture John Durham Peters María Rosa Menocal Professor of English, Professor of Film and Media Studies
Caryl Phillips's picture Caryl Phillips Professor of English
David Quint's picture David Quint Sterling Professor of English, Professor of Comparative Literature
Claudia Rankine's picture Claudia Rankine Frederick Iseman Professor of Poetry
Claude Rawson's picture Claude Rawson Maynard Mack Professor Emeritus of English
Alexandra Reider's picture Alexandra Reider Lecturer in English
Jill Richards's picture Jill Richards Assistant Professor of English
Barbara Riley Lecturer in English, Residential College Writing Tutor - Timothy Dwight College
Meredith Ringel-Ensley's picture Meredith Ringel-Ensley Lecturer in English
Joseph Roach's picture Joseph Roach Sterling Professor Emeritus of Theate, Professor Emeritus of English
Marc Robinson's picture Marc Robinson Professor of English, Professor of Theater Studies, Professor of American Studies, Professor in the Practice of Drama
Timothy Robinson's picture Timothy Robinson Lecturer in English
John Rogers's picture John Rogers Professor of English
Helen Rubinstein Lecturer in English
Madeleine Saraceni's picture Madeleine Saraceni Lecturer in English
Adam Reid Sexton's picture Adam Reid Sexton Lecturer in English, Critic in the School of Art
Shifra Sharlin's picture Shifra Sharlin Senior Lecturer in English
Kim Shirkhani's picture Kim Shirkhani Lecturer in English, Course Co-Director, English 120
Emily Skillings's picture Emily Skillings Lecturer in English
Caleb Smith's picture Caleb Smith Professor of English, Director of Graduate Studies
R. Clifton Spargo's picture R. Clifton Spargo Lecturer in English
Margaret Spillane's picture Margaret Spillane Lecturer in English
Peter Stallybrass's picture Peter Stallybrass Visiting Professor of English
Michele Stepto's picture Michele Stepto Lecturer in English
Robert Stepto's picture Robert Stepto John M. Schiff Professor Emeritus of English, Professor Emeritus of African American Studies, Professor Emeritus of American Studies
Sarah Stillman's picture Sarah Stillman Lecturer in English
Fred Strebeigh's picture Fred Strebeigh Senior Lecturer Emeritus in English and in Forestry and Environmental Studies
Barbara Stuart's picture Barbara Stuart Lecturer in English
James Surowiecki's picture James Surowiecki Lecturer in English
Rasheed Tazudeen's picture Rasheed Tazudeen Lecturer in English
Emily Thornbury's picture Emily Thornbury Associate Professor of English
Aaron Tracy's picture Aaron Tracy Lecturer in English
Katie Trumpener's picture Katie Trumpener Emily Sanford Professor of Comparative Literature, Professor of English
Michael Warner's picture Michael Warner Seymour H. Knox Professor of English, Professor of American Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ryan Wepler's picture Ryan Wepler Lecturer in English
R. John Williams's picture R. John Williams Associate Professor of English
Bob Woodward's picture Bob Woodward Lecturer in English
Sunny Xiang's picture Sunny Xiang Assistant Professor of English, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ruth Yeazell's picture Ruth Yeazell Sterling Professor of English
Cynthia Zarin's picture Cynthia Zarin Senior Lecturer in English, Writing Concentration Coordinator
Carl Zimmer's picture Carl Zimmer Professor Adjunct of Biophysics and Biochemistry and Lecturer in English