The Essential Writings of Jonathan Swift (Norton Critical Editions)

Claude Rawson, Editor
W.W. Norton & Co.
February 2009
ISBN: 978-0393930658

This Norton Critical Edition is the only one-volume edition that presents the full range of Swift’s writing, including not only the major literary prose works—Gulliver’s Travels, A Modest Proposal, and A Tale of the Tub—but also substantial poetic and political writings. The texts are accompanied by explanatory annotations and a detailed introduction. “Contexts” reprints a generous selection of contemporary materials, including letters, autobiographical documents, and personal writings. “Criticism”is divided into two sections: “1745–1940” presents assessments by Henry Fielding, Samuel Johnson, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Makepeace Thackeray, D. H. Lawrence, W. B. Yeats, F. R. Leavis, and André Breton. “After 1940 and By Subject” presents recent critical analyses organized around A Tale of the Tub, The Poems, Politics (England and Ireland), and Gulliver’s Travels. 1 map, illustrations.