A Person of Interest

Susan Choi
January 2009

Professor Lee, an Asian-born mathematician nearing retirement age, would seem the last person likely to attract the attention of FBI agents.  Yet after a popular young colleague becomes the latest victim of a serial bomber, Lee’s detached response and maladroit behavior lead the FBI, the national news media, and even his own neighbors to regard him with damning suspicion. Amid campus-wide grief over the murder, Lee receives a cryptic letter from a figure out of his past.  The letter unearths a lifetime of shortcomings – toward his dead wife, his estranged only daughter, and a long-denied son.  Caught between his guilty recollections and the scrutiny of the murder investigation, determined to face his tormentor and exonerate himself, Lee sets off on a journey that will bring him face-to-face with his past – and that might even win him redemption - See more at: http://www.susanchoi.com/a-person-of-interest-home-page/#sthash.qTXFVXJk.dpuf.