Lauren Chan | Class of 2021

Lauren ChanLauren Chan is a junior in Grace Hopper College and hails from the sunny San Francisco Bay Area. She loves the English Department, where she has worked with brilliant and caring professors on texts that are both demanding and wonderful. Lauren has also enjoyed the Department’s wide array of creative writing classes, especially in creative nonfiction and fiction. As a first-year, she got hooked by the English major on the first day of ENGL 127, when her professor led the class in a close-reading of the name of the course (Readings in American Literature). These days, she finds herself most drawn to the weavings of religion in literature, particularly in devotional poetry and 19th century American literature.

In the summer of 2019, she worked as a teaching intern for 826 Valencia in San Francisco, teaching lessons and leading workshops for a high school creative writing program. Around campus, Lauren is involved with campus religious life, last year as a peer liaison for the Chaplain’s Office and now as a Chaplaincy Fellow. Since she can’t decide whether she’s a morning or night person, you can find her enjoying hours-long breakfasts in a dining hall or working late nights in the Grace Hopper buttery. She also enjoys swimming in the ocean and playing Spikeball or Bananagrams with friends. Ask her about English course selection and sequence, working in education, managing heavy writing loads, or anything at all!