Requirements for the Class of 2019

With DUS approval, students in the class of 2019 can choose between the requirements that were in place when they declared, summarized below, and the current requirements described in the Yale College Programs of Study for 2018-2019, as best fits their preferences and coursework to date. Those who have questions about these options are encouraged to make an appointment to speak with the DUS or ADUS. To opt into the old requirements, please notify the English Department Registrar.

For a full description of the old requirements of the major, please refer to the English Language and Literature segment of the Yale College Programs of Study 2016-2017, under Subjects of Instruction.

Prerequisites ENGL 125 and 126 or, with 4 addtl courses in major English poets, 2 terms selected from 115127129130, or DRST 001002

Number of courses At least 14 courses (incl prereq and senior req)

Distribution of courses 3 pre-1800 lit courses, 1 pre-1900 lit course, 1 American lit course, all representing a variety of periods and figures; 2 sems, 1 in junior, 1 in senior year; no more than 5 courses numbered ENGL 130 or below; no more than 2 creative writing courses; Writing concentration—same, except 4 creative writing courses, incl 2 in one genre and 1 in another genre, with at least 3 numbered 451 or above; at least 11 lit courses

Substitutions permitted Residential college sem for departmental sem; 2 upper-level courses in other depts for electives in the major; 2 intro lit courses and 4 courses in major English poets for ENGL 125 and 126; all substitutions with permission of DUS

Senior requirement Standard major—2 senior sems; or 1 senior sem and one-term senior essay (ENGL 490); or, with DUS permission, two-term senior essay (ENGL 490491); Writing concentration—senior sem or one-term senior essay, and writing concentration senior project (ENGL 489); For the Class of 2018 and subsequent classes—meeting with Yale librarian.