Leslie Brisman

Leslie Brisman's picture
Karl Young Emeritus Professor of English & Senior Lecturer

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1969
M.A., Cornell University, 1966
B.A., Columbia University, 1965

Brisman’s interests include Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, Blake, Wordsworth, Shelley, Tennyson, Browning, Swinburne, contemporary poetry, and the Bible. His special concerns include forms of multivocality, from the different persons represented in single texts of the Bible to different “voices” one needs to distinguish in a poet such as Wordsworth. Brisman is the author of Milton’s Poetry of Choice (1973), Romantic Origins (1978), The Voice of Jacob (1990). His recent scholarship and publication is in biblical studies and Romantic poetry.


Major English Poets, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, Romantic Poetry, Victorian Poetry, Traditions of Elegy, The Bible as Literature, Freud as Literature.