Colton Valentine

Colton Valentine's picture
Graduate School Student
5th Year
Areas of Interest: 

Late 18th-early 20th Century British; multilingualism; decadence; translation studies; queer studies; digital humanities

Dissertation Topic: 

“Between Languages: Queer Multilingualism in the British Belle Époque”

Ruth Yeazell, Marta Figlerowicz, Stefanie Markovits, Katie Trumpener

Selected Articles:

“The Belle Époque Queer Fairy Tale.” Representations (forthcoming).

“Translating Decadent Style.” Victorian Studies (forthcoming).

“Illness as Character as Metaphor.” ELH (forthcoming).

“On Vernon Lee’s Walter Pater and Translating the Victorians.” Victorian Literature and Culture 51.2 (2023): 293-305.

“Vernon Lee, Queer Relations, and a New Guard of Victorianist Multilingualism.” Victorian Studies 64.1 (2021): 62-87.

“Domesticating Decadence: Joris-Karl Huysmans, Pierre Louÿs, and Their Invisible English Translators.” MLQ 82.4 (2021): 441-72.

“‘I Sappho’: A Case for Character in the Early Writings of Algernon Swinburne.” Victorian Poetry 59.1 (2021): 23-47.

“H.G. Wells and the Fin-De-Siècle Gustatory Paradox.” Review of English Studies 71.302 (2020): 937-51.

“A Temple to Transnational Queerness: The Politics of Commemorating Oscar Wilde.” European Journal of English Studies, Issue on “Decentering Commemorations” 24 (2020): 146-61.

“Not Noticing, Infallibly: The Critical Liaisons of Henry James, French Decadence, and Honoré de Balzac.” Henry James Review 41.2 (2020): 97-115. Recipient of Leon Edel Prize.

“Vers une génétique de la critique: le cas de Georges Poulet.” Genesis 46 (2018): 173-81.

Selected Public Criticism:

“Oblique Strategies.” Review of Justin Torres’s Blackouts. Bookforum, November 2023.

“Aubrey Beardsley’s Perverse Recipe for Success.” The New Yorker, February 2023.

“Against Queer Presentism: How the Book World Neglects the Archive.” The Drift, October 2022.

“The Madeleine’s Metapragmatics: On Michael Lucey’s What Proust Heard: Novels and the Ethnography of Talk.” Los Angeles Review of Books, April 2022.

“A Bid for History: On Leah Price’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Books.” Los Angeles Review of Books, December 2019.