Colton Valentine

Colton Valentine's picture
Graduate School Student
3rd Year
Areas of Interest: 

Late 18th-early 20th Century British; cosmopolitanism; decadence; French translation and reception; queer studies; digital humanities

Selected Publications/Papers:

“‘I Sappho’: A Case for Character in the Early Writings of Algernon Swinburne.” Victorian Poetry 59.1 2021 (forthcoming).

“H.G. Wells and the Fin-De-Siècle Gustatory Paradox.” Review of English Studies 71.302 2020, 937-951.

“A Temple to Transnational Queerness: The Politics of Commemorating Oscar Wilde.” European Journal of English Studies, Issue on “Decentering Commemorations” 24 2020, 146-161. 

“Geographical Amusement: The Rise of the Cartographic Board Game.” Cabinet Magazine, Kiosk August 2020.

“Not Noticing, Infallibly: The Critical Liaisons of Henry James, French Decadence, and Honoré de Balzac.” Henry James Review 41.2 2020, 97-115, recipient of Leon Edel Prize.

“A Bid for History: On Leah Price’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Books.” Los Angeles Review of Books December 2019.

“Vers une génétique de la critique: le cas de Georges Poulet.” Genesis 46 2018, 173-181.