Madeleine Saraceni

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Lecturer in English

I research medieval English literature and teach courses on the English literary tradition and the modern essay at Yale. I also teach courses on Chaucer, the History of the Book, and Literary History (classical to modern) at Queens College, CUNY. The title of my dissertation, which was supervised by Alastair Minnis, Jessica Brantley, and Ardis Butterfield,  is “The Idea of Writing for Women in Late Medieval Literature.” My work has appeared in The Chaucer Review.



Late–medieval literature (Middle English; Italian; French); Chaucer; Italian Trecento prose; Vernacular translation; Prologues and narrative frames; History of women’s literature and reading; Authorial self-fashioning and autofiction; Late-medieval religious and devotional writings

Selected Publications

“Chaucer’s Feminine Pretexts: Gendered Genres in Three Frame Moments,” The Chaucer Review 51.4 (October 2016).


ENGL 120: Reading and Writing the Modern Essay; ENGL 125: Readings in English Poetry I