Faculty A-Z Listing


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Felisa Baynes-Ross's picture Felisa Baynes-Ross Lecturer in English
James Berger's picture James Berger Senior Lecturer in English and American Studies
Marie-Helene Bertino's picture Marie-Helene Bertino Lecturer
Kate Bolick's picture Kate Bolick Lecturer in English
Jessica Brantley's picture Jessica Brantley Frederick W. Hilles Professor of English, Department Chair
Steven Brill's picture Steven Brill Lecturer in English, Lecturer in Journalism
Leslie Brisman's picture Leslie Brisman Karl Young Professor of English
Richard Brodhead's picture Richard Brodhead A. Bartlett Giamatti Professor Emeritus of English
David Bromwich's picture David Bromwich Sterling Professor of English
Alan Burdick's picture Alan Burdick Lecturer in English
Ardis Butterfield's picture Ardis Butterfield Marie Borroff Professor of English, and (by courtesy) Professor of French and Music