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Name Year Areas of Interest
Tyler Campbell's picture Tyler Campbell
2nd Year

20th/21st century American Literature, Black Poetics, Social Movement Histories, Prison Writing, Jazz/Hip-Hop Studies, Public Humanities

Ben Card's picture Ben Card
7th Year

Early modern literature; John Milton; seventeenth century religion; history of the university; scholasticism; literature and philosophy

Julia Chin's picture Julia Chin
4th Year

19th-century British literature; Theory of the novel; Victorian literary culture; Japanese translation and reception

Michelle Chow's picture Michelle Chow
2nd Year

20/21st century, race, gender and sexuality, capitalism, film and media, Asian diaspora, affect and emotions

Claire Crow's picture Claire Crow
4th Year

Late medieval French and English literature, Old English literature, medieval women’s writing, premodern critical race studies, psychoanalysis, histories of race, sexuality, and childbirth