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Name Year Areas of Interest
Tobi Haslett's picture Tobi Haslett
7th Year

Twentieth-/21st-century literature; diasporic; intellectual history; Marxism.

Gabrielle Hill's picture Gabrielle Hill
1st Year

Black Feminist Theory; 19th Century to 21st Century African American Poetry; Speculative Fiction; Eco-Criticism; Eco-Poetics

Emma Hodgdon's picture Emma Hodgdon
1st Year

19th Century Novel, American Studies, Cultural Studies, American Gothic

Audrey Holt's picture Audrey Holt
6th Year

Irish Literature, Literary Modernism, Linguistics

Eve Houghton's picture Eve Houghton
6th Year

Early modern drama; Restoration drama; 18th-century literature; history of the book; affect theory; long history of the novel

Caitlin Hubbard's picture Caitlin Hubbard
4th Year

Early Modern Literature; Restoration/18th-century Drama; Theater and Performance Studies; Shakespeare Adaptation and Performance History; Enlightenment Theories of Knowledge Formation; Spectacle in Theater and Politics