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Name Year Areas of Interest
Hattie Hafenrichter's picture Hattie Hafenrichter
2nd Year

Victorian nonsense poetry; 20th Century Modernism; Film & Visual Culture

Tobi Haslett's picture Tobi Haslett
5th Year

Twentieth-/21st-century literature; diasporic; intellectual history; Marxism.

Anna Hill's picture Anna Hill
6th Year

20th- / 21st-Century literature and visual culture; environmental humanities; postcolonial studies and decolonial aesthetics; memory studies; labor and affect

Audrey Holt's picture Audrey Holt
4th Year

Irish Literature, Literary Modernism, Linguistics

Eve Houghton's picture Eve Houghton
4th Year

Early modern literature; 18th-century literature; history of the book; literature and politics; clubs and sociability; history of emotions

Caitlin Hubbard's picture Caitlin Hubbard
2nd Year

Early modern literature; History of the book; drama; persuasion & politics; restoration theatre; new theatre history; Shakespeare; women and the law; the perception of women in popular culture

Sam Huber's picture Sam Huber
7th Year

Feminism and queer theory; 20th-/21st-century literature; transatlantic studies; media studies; poetry

Trina Hyun's picture Trina Hyun
6th Year

Early modern religion and literature, media theory, material texts, history of science