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Name Year Areas of Interest
Christopher McGowan's picture Christopher McGowan
6th Year


Margaret McGowan's picture Margaret McGowan
7th Year

18th-century British literature; history of science; aesthetic theory; history of criticism

Shayne McGregor's picture Shayne McGregor
6th Year

Nineteenth-/20th/21st-century African American literature; afrofuturism; speculative fiction and visual media across the African diaspora

Brandon Menke's picture Brandon Menke
9th Year

Poetry and poetics; 20th/21st-century American literature, art, and visual culture; queer lyricism and aesthetics; race, gender, and sexuality studies; regionalism; temporality; environmental humanities; transmediation; creative writing; hybrid forms; artistic collaboration; translation; the supernatural

Jessica Modi's picture Jessica Modi
4th Year

20th/21st-century African American and black diasporic literature; poetry and poetics; history of the book; Marxism; postcolonial studies and decolonial aesthetics; media studies; creative writing

Elizabeth Mundell Perkins's picture Elizabeth Mundell Perkins
5th Year

20th-/ 21st-century novel; narrative representations of consciousness; gender and sexuality; the phenomenology of reading