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Name Year Areas of Interest
Dylan Davidson's picture Dylan Davidson
4th Year

20th & 21st century literature, critical theory, cybernetics, disability studies, media theory, science and technology studies

Jessikah Díaz's picture Jessikah Díaz
4th Year

Romantic/18th-Century Poetry; Ecocriticism; Cultures of Exhaustion 

Daniel de la Rocha's picture Daniel de la Rocha
6th Year

18th-  and 19th-century British and American; Comparative Literature (French and Spanish); history and theory of the novel and of the short story; travel literature

Julian Durkin's picture Julian Durkin
3rd Year

18th-century British literature; history of criticism; natural history; genre

Seamus Dwyer's picture Seamus Dwyer
6th Year

Old and Middle English poetry and prose; manuscript studies; paleography and codicology; the history of writing; lyric and lyric theory; medieval multilingualism.