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Name Year Areas of Interest
Micah Siegel's picture Micah Siegel
7th Year

19th-/20th-century literature, history of the novel, translation, popular culture, sociology of literature

Cera Smith's picture Cera Smith

20th-/21st-century U.S. Black Literatures (African American, Afro-Latinx, and other Black diasporic), Radical Protest Literatures of the U.S., Black Studies, Critical Race Theories, Affect Theory, Gender and Sexuality, Histories of Science and Medicine, and Body Studies

Suvij Sudershan's picture Suvij Sudershan
2nd Year

Modernism, Postcolonial Literature, Global Anglophone, South Asian Literature, Literary Theory

Daniel Swain's picture Daniel Swain
5th Year

20th/21st century American poetry and poetics; late modernism, lyric theory; materialism, class, capitalism, taste; gender, race, sexuality; formalism, visual art, aesthetic theory