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Name Year Areas of Interest
Cindy Yanyan Ge's picture Cindy Yanyan Ge
1st Year

Literary theory, film theory, aesthetics, literature and philosophy

Emily Glider's picture Emily Glider
8th Year

Early modern; theater and drama; embassy and diplomacy; international Humanism; travel literature; international trade; print culture; translation; history of reading

Tess Grogan's picture Tess Grogan
7th Year

Renaissance epic; military history; elegy and memorial; social history and critical archival studies; Spenser and Shakespeare; medieval romance; humanism and pedagogy; premodern gender, race, and class; popular readership and reception

Sarah Guayante's picture Sarah Guayante
4th Year

18th-Century British Literature, novel theory, history of the book, gender and sexuality

Kristine Guillaume's picture Kristine Guillaume
2nd Year

20th and 21st century African American literature, contemporary American literature, Black political thought