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Name Year Areas of Interest
Kamila Kaminska-Palarczyk's picture Kamila Kaminska-Palarczyk
2nd Year

Middle English literature; medieval allegory; vernacularity and translation; histories of reading; sexual violence; feminist and queer studies

Adam Keller's picture Adam Keller
4th Year

18th-Century British Literature, Sentimentalism, Elegy, Sterne, War and Literature

Stephanie Kelley's picture Stephanie Kelley
3rd Year

20/21st Century American Literature, History of Reading and Emotions, Post-1945 novel, Psychoanalysis, History of Criticism, Poetry

Alex Kong's picture Alex Kong
1st Year

20th-21st century, visual culture, Marxism, histories of capitalism, literary theory

Olivia Kulevich's picture Olivia Kulevich
1st Year

19th· and 20th-century Gothic literature, Transimperial History, Colonial and Postcolonlal Studies; empire, race, gender, and nation, narrative representations of liminality.