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Marie-Helene Bertino's picture Marie-Helene Bertino Ritvo-Slifka Writer-in-Residence and Lecturer in English
Alan Burdick's picture Alan Burdick Lecturer in English
Danielle Chapman's picture Danielle Chapman Lecturer in English
Peter Cole's picture Peter Cole Horace W. Goldsmith Senior Lecturer in Judaic Studies, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature
Michael Cunningham's picture Michael Cunningham Professor in the Practice, Creative Writing
Richard Deming's picture Richard Deming Senior Lecturer in English, Director of Creative Writing
Natalie Diaz's picture Natalie Diaz Rosenkranz Writer-in-Residence Visiting Professor
Wai Chee Dimock's picture Wai Chee Dimock
Anne Fadiman's picture Anne Fadiman Francis Writer in Residence; Professor in the Practice, Creative Writing
Amity Gaige's picture Amity Gaige Lecturer in English
Derek Green's picture Derek Green Lecturer in English, Creative Writing
Jake Halpern's picture Jake Halpern Lecturer in English, Creative Writing
Verlyn Klinkenborg's picture Verlyn Klinkenborg Lecturer in English, Lecturer in Forestry and Environmental Studies
Donald Margulies's picture Donald Margulies Professor in the Practice, English and Theater Studies
Anthony Marra's picture Anthony Marra Lecturer in English
Maggie Millner's picture Maggie Millner Lecturer in English, Lecturer in Journalism
Meghan O'Rourke's picture Meghan O'Rourke Editor of the Yale Review, Professor in the Practice, English and Creative Writing
Caryl Phillips's picture Caryl Phillips Professor of English
Adam Sexton's picture Adam Sexton Lecturer in English
Emily Skillings's picture Emily Skillings Lecturer in English
R Clifton Spargo's picture R Clifton Spargo Lecturer in English
Margaret Spillane's picture Margaret Spillane Lecturer in English
Sarah Stillman's picture Sarah Stillman Lecturer in English
James Surowiecki's picture James Surowiecki Lecturer in English
Aaron Tracy's picture Aaron Tracy Lecturer in English
Ryan Wepler's picture Ryan Wepler Lecturer in English
Cynthia Zarin's picture Cynthia Zarin Senior Lecturer in English, Writing Concentration Coordinator
Carl Zimmer's picture Carl Zimmer Professor (Adjunct) of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Lecturer in English